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The Powerball lottery is one of the most commonly known as the lottery with the biggest jackpot in the world. This international lottery is playing every Wednesday and Saturday night. The draws are early morning, Thursday and Sunday, in Indian Standard Time.

Mega Millions

This international lottery is one of the second-biggest jackpots in the world. This is more or less a copy of Powerball. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, in my opinion, this is great. Now you have two American lotteries and you can play with huge jackpots.


This online lottery originates from Italy and is one of the most top online lottery sites in India. It is making SuperEnalotto exciting and it is the fact even though it is a European lottery it does not have a jackpot limit.


This international lottery is one of Europe’s most popular lottery and it also has the largest reoccurring jackpot in Europe. The minimum jackpot size is €15 million and it is around Rs.120 crores. It is a common jackpot cap in European lotteries and the EuroMillions cap is €190 million.