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slots with cats
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Top Slots with Cats

Cats in the natural elements are acting majestically and regally, so the release of Kitty Cat slots and Cat slots machines can surely be expected to deliver the same glamourous scenes as their friendly cats do on a daily basis. Kitty slots are varying greatly in their offerings, with some offering basic 3-reel gameplay, […]

Cash Bandits
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Cash Bandits Online Slot Game Review

Cash Bandits slot is giving you the chance of participating in robberies like in video games, entertaining you with an exciting and realistic experience. Your role in the game will be to assist criminals in taking the highest amount possible of money, guaranteeing more prizes for you to cash. Playing […]

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Top Online Slots with Boxing

The boxing casino is giving the player a chance to become a real sportsman. This is one kind of sport with such dedication and love for the source material. You can feel that the creators took inspiration from Hollywood movies, like Rocky Balboa. But they also tried to show the […]

ludomania in Sweden
Gambling Regulation

Fight against Ludomania in casino in Sweden

Ludomania or gambling addiction is a pathological craving for games of chance. It is involving systematic participation in gambling activities. The addiction can lead to problems in family, social, educational, professional, and other areas of life. Gambling addiction was officially acknowledged as a psychological disorder. Last century, it was included in […]

boxing betting sites
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Best Boxing Betting Sites in 2020

Boxing is one of the world’s oldest sports. Along with horse racing, boxing was one of the first athletic competitions or games to be wagered on by punters. There are a select few sportsbook websites punters search to find the best odds, most markets, and latest props. Top boxing betting […]

online casino license
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Regulation and Licensing of Casino in Denmark

Denmark is one of the considered pioneers of the online Gaming Industry. Denmark boasts of a very vibrant economy and a per capita income which is one of the highest in the world. This County is also favored as a business destination owing to the favorable business laws. The recognition […]

lottery ticket from India
Lottery in India

Can I buy the Dubai lottery from India?

If you live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you can play online by registering for an account on the official website. You will need to provide details of valid photo identification, such as a passport number. This ID will be required to claim any prizes you win, so it […]

Lottery in India

Is Lotto Legal in India?

One of the most common questions is legal to play the international lottery in India, and with huge jackpots around the world making headlines every year. Lotteries are banned in more than half the states of the country but, lotteries are allowed in some states. The Supreme Court is allowed […]

online lottery sites
Lottery in India

Top Online Lottery Sites in India

Are you buy international lottery tickets in India? You need to join a lottery website. Safety is always priority number one. All the lotto sites you can find 100% safe and trusted. Lotto Analyst is guiding to just about everything related to online lotteries. From an online lottery, the site is reviewing […]

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Top online casinos in Kenya with free bonuses

Online sports betting is big business in Kenya. Several sportsbook companies have established a presence in the country. One sportsbook, Betway Kenya, has been making huge inroads in this fiercely contested market and it is offering a high-tech site with all the latest matches and sports events with real-time betting. […]