The boxing casino is giving the player a chance to become a real sportsman. This is one kind of sport with such dedication and love for the source material.

You can feel that the creators took inspiration from Hollywood movies, like Rocky Balboa. But they also tried to show the glory of the boxers from the roster by giving them the look of classic icons.

You can find here also icons with Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and many more. Besides, the creators always update their projects. There are following some list of online free boxing slots:

2016 Gladiators Slot

The whole purpose behind the 2016 Gladiators Online Slot game is the best online slots with boxing to pay respect to the Olympic Games, which is obvious by the sports included in the game.

online slots with boxing

The setting of the game is Rio de Janeiro, just like the summer Olympics in 2016, and gives you a chance to feel like one of the athletes in the actual games.

As for the specifics with this video slot game, you have five reels, a wild symbol, instant play, 21 lines, a scatter symbol, and free spins available.

Fisticuffs Slot

If you’re a fan of boxing during the olden days or the glory days as some would say, then the Fisticuffs Online Slot game is for you. The game takes place during the early 1900s when boxing was approached in a different manner.

The boxers were gentlemen, rules were followed, and there was a certain decorum about it. You’ll be treated to two boxers fighting on the screen, which grows more intense depending on what symbol you land on. This is a video slot game for your mobile device and features five reels and 10 lines.

gladiators slot

Rocky Slot

When it is coming to famous fictional boxers, no-one is more recognized and known than Rocky. In fact, the fictional character of Rocky is just as popular as some of history’s most decorated professional boxers. This one is from the game developer Video bet and gives players a chance at a cash prize.

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot

This is one of the top online slots with boxing. Mike Tyson was known for his short fuse and rather drama-filled life, some of them you can find, like a boxer, they are provided some of the most entertaining and rather shocking matches out there. In this game, you will be working to earn the Heavyweight Title, which will require a knockout.